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magic boob tape
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Magic boob lift tape is a night out handbag essential – this adhesive tape is a must-have for those daring, plunging neckline dresses and tops. This tape will keep you in place the whole night through.
Boob Tape is the original breast tape designed to lift the breasts in a desirable position underneath clothing and enhance cleavage.
Boob Tape can create cleavage to the breast as well as creating support underneath clothing so that you do not have to wear a bra which will allow the breasts to be lifted which has the same elasticity as your skin. Boob Tape is strong enough to support your breasts and move in a natural way perfect underneath tricky clothing items.
  • Skin-friendly  100% latex-free * Magic Boob Lift tape on a cotton base, 5 cm x 5 m
  • Optimal stretch  stretches 130 to 140% lengthwise – matches the intrinsic elasticity of human skin
  • Wearability ✓ over several days,  – pat dry after showering
  • High-quality  breathable & waterproof – ideal for hot/sweaty nights out
  • Perfect grip  applied using medical adhesive as thermoplastic adhesive layer in wavy lines
100% brand new – Support your boobs on those nights out without restricting movement
No worries about allergy issues, Waterproof and breathable


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